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There is a new Civil War in America.  It is a war between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.  There has always been some animosity between these two parties.  The tentacles of power of our bipartisan government now entangle and strangle our country with the mammoth growth they have seen in the last few years.

These are just a few of the statements made by our elected officials:

America will be far safer if we reduce the chances of a terrorist attack in one of our cities than if we diminish the civil liberties of our own people.

Nancy Pelosi

House Republicans want to pass a strong border security, illegal immigration bill. We want a bill. There is no ifs, ands or buts about it.

John Boehner

If the administration wants cooperation, it will have to begin to move in our direction.

Mitch McConnell

The laws they have passed have increased our National Debt, eliminated our privacy, and increased the cost of health care while reducing its quality.

In the midst of this battle of the behemoths there is a growing movement.  It is a movement toward a return to the inalienable rights of the people, and a government of the people and for the people-not controlling the people.  It is called the Liberty Movement.  It consists of the Libertarian Party, Independants and those members of the two larger parties who are pulling away from the established mores of their leaders.  They are returning to the Constitution and the laws that protect our freedom as Americans.

If we are in a Civil War, the Liberty Movement is the blockade runner.  Like Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind, the blockade runners travel freely between the opposing factions keeping the country in motion while the battle attempts to lock it down from progress.

Rhett Butler and his fellow blockade runners insured that goods and services continued to pass between the North and the South to keep the South financially viable.  Great Britain had a vital role in the blockade running business in order to protect their investments in America.

The Liberty Movement has its own British representative in the person of Robin Koerner- a British born permanent resident of the US (and soon to be US citizen), who founded the Blue Republican Organization. As the name implies, the Blue Republicans seek to break the Blue-Red paradigm to promote liberty.

As the blockade runners did during the Civil War, the Liberty Movement is able to communicate to both of the parties. They find allies of liberty and form coalitions with them for policy changes. They promote candidates that will be a pillar for the will of the people, not the agendas of the Red-Blue Leviathan.

And like them, they are able to keep the US government moving forward (or a return back) to freedom from the oppression that has overtaken America.

Rhett Butler had something else in common with the Liberty Movement-no reputation, as he describes:

“Until you’ve lost your reputation, you never realize what a burden it was or what freedom really is.”

Which reminds me of someone else:

5.Philippians 2:7

but made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men.

May the Liberty Movement continue to grow to break the chains of Party Politics to build a stronger, freer America.  May we never face the consequences of the battle.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

Abraham Lincoln



……in order to form a more perfect union.  A more perfect union-that is what the writers of the Constitution were creating.  A more perfect union of imperfect people, where there would be Justice, peace, protection, provision and freedom for now and generations to come.  It is a beautiful assurance of a new way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It was based on inalienable rights.  Rights that were given to mankind by a higher power.  We who are made in the image of that higher power are born to this earth with His power within us.  We are also born with the fallen nature that was rooted in the first act of evil. This Constitution was created to assure our birth rite, while impeding our evil nature.  It is a nature that is self-serving, proud, greedy, and hungry for power.

According to Oliver de Mille in We Hold These Truths to be Self Evident, there are 12 checks in our system of government in the United Sates of America.  These checks are meant to balance the power that would corrupt the government and destroy our inalienable rights.

There have been 11 presidents in my lifetime-11 regimes attempting to promote their interpretation of the Constitution on the unwitting masses.  Each one, because of the Constitution, were unsuccessful in their attempt.  The Constitution lays in the hands of those unwitting masses the power to control the destiny of the United States of America and control it they have.

My first understanding of this power was during the protests of the Vietnam War.  We the people stood up against the loss of life in what some perceived to be a senseless war.  As the protests got louder the votes of the people led to change in leadership that ultimately ended the war.

As an adult, when Clinton came to office, I feared for what his policies might do to our country.  Once again, the checks in our government prevailed.  As the people experienced policies that were detrimental to our way of life, the voice of the people was heard and there was a shift in leadership in the Congress and Senate.  This shift kept the harm at bay.

We are currently under the greatest violations of those inalienable rights that I have ever experienced in my lifetime.  There are more laws inhibiting our freedom, less protection of our privacy, and more imposition of our government.  I had nearly lost all hope for   America.

Once again, however, the people are rising.  The true power of this country has kept us out of war in Syria, demanded our privacy be returned and soon, I anticipate the imposition of the government on our healthcare will be abated.

I am reminded about when Jesus spoke of freedom to the Hebrew people.

John 8

31 Jesus said to the people who believed in him, “You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings. 32 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

33 “But we are descendants of Abraham,” they said. “We have never been slaves to anyone. What do you mean, ‘You will be set free’?

Those in authority have tried time and time again to enslave us, but we as Americans stand up and say “We have always been free men and women in the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, we had the power all along in our ruby slippers- better known as The Constitution of the United States of America.