According to one of the three purposes of the Olympic Games is :

Help to build a better world through sport practiced in a spirit of peace, excellence,

friendship and respect.

The Olympic Charter describes one of the Fundamental Principles of Olympism as:

The goal of Olympism is to place sport at the service of the harmonious development of humankind, with a view to promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity.

The hypocrisy of Russia hosting an event with such virtuous ideals is obvious.  In the midst of these peaceful games, we had to be privy to human rights violations including imprisonment of protestors, discrimination against the LGBT community, the displacement of citizens to accommodate Olympians, and horrible living conditions for workers.  There was also the slaughter of stray dogs.

As far as the games themselves were concerned, we had to endure the never ending opening and closing ceremonies full of propaganda of the happy life of the Russian people, juxtaposed with the dull lifeless eyes of the Russian Olympic competitors.  The ceremonies also portrayed the accomplishments of Russian artists, writers and composers many of whom had to escape Russia and some who were imprisoned.  There was also the possible corruption in judging and refereeing that led to Russia accruing the most medals of any country. All of this was under the watchful eye of Vladimir Putin.

And of course, amid these games of peace, a mere 866 miles away in Kiev, Ukraine over 100 protestors died.  They died protesting Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision to reject a proposal by the European Union and instead receive help from Russia via Vladimir Putin.

Death and destruction contrasting with peace and harmony.

NBC like the dutiful puppet of the Powers that Be, gave a very banal view. The correspondents whitewashed all the controversy and had the audacity during the propaganda-filled opening ceremonies to describe communism as “one of modern history’s pivotal experiments”. “Pivotal experiment?” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) tweeted. “Really, no, it was an evil empire that murdered and oppressed.”

The Olympic Committee needs to have its collective heads examined on this one.  Thank goodness the next Winter Olympics is in South Korea not North Korea.