Why do we learn about the state of America from Hollywood not Mainstream News Medias?

The latest example is based on a Comic book no less. Captain America -The Winter Soldier is a perfect depiction of what America has become. It is not, however, the America portrayed in the “News” but the reality of our experience.

A new study by Northwestern and Princeton Universities tells us what most informed citizens are already aware of-namely that America has lost its Republic. We are no longer a Nation “Of the People for the People and By the People”. We are a Nation where the will of the economic elitists rule. We are an oligarchy. To add more fuel to the fire of this kind of corruption, a recent NY Times article reports an event at the White House pandering to 100 young billionaires.

In CATWS there is an oligarchy that makes the decision for SHIELD ( a para government agency) and these decisions effect the world. An interesting mirror of reality.

The director of CATWS has said in interviews that the theme of the movie is a protest to our government’s illegal use of drone strikes throughout the world. Today we find out that as the world celebrated Easter and CATWS enjoyed its third weekend at the top of the box office sales, the U.S. was responsible for the deaths of at least 46 people in Yemen by drones.

CATWS also touched on how data gathering can be used to victimize innocent people by a malevolent government. This is the new reality for Americans with the breach of privacy thanks to the NSA.

Another example of how CATWS reflected today’s America is the war between SHIELD and its nemesis organization Hydra. It reminded me of the dichotomy of the Democrats and Republicans. They are two sides of a coin and it is hard to tell which party has done more damage to the American way.

The fight to return to freedom was the message and I hope that the audiences takes it to heart.

I hope we will say with Captain America,” The price of freedom is high… and it’s a price I’m willing to pay!”