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We Are All Infected

The 2016 Election was a wake-up call for America.


America was believed to be the Saviour of the world-a place where every race, faith and creed could live in harmony-a place where justice could be found for its oppressed and the oppressed throughout the world.

I explore the truth versus the myth of America in my book Blessed Are They That Hunger. The reality of the regime of ” No Filter Trump” and the followers that elected him reveal who America really is.

As a member of the Libertarian Party, I have fought for preservation of the Constitution, limited government and more freedom for Americans for the past few years. I have been in a state of shock, as I found out, these were not the values of my fellow Americans.

I have seen my fellow Liberty loving warriors try to grapple with this reality as well. Jeffrey A. Tucker, and Robin Koerner both brilliant writer’s and political persuaders have written articles analyzing the current political and philosophical state of America with its shift away from Liberty.

It was reading one of Tucker’s articles The Do’s and Don’t of Talking Liberty and Koerner’s Article The Fight for Freedom Begins in Culture and watching The Walking Dead, that I faced my own conclusion.

As a Christian, I believe the tenets of the Bible, but somehow, I had been duped into thinking, if I educated people about Liberty, they would want to fight for it as much as I did. But there are Truths in the Bible that explain why this isn’t such an easy solution.

1. We Are All Infected

Rick Grimes is informed by the Head of the CDC in The Walking Dead that everyone is infected by the virus that turns corpses into Walkers. It is not the result of being bitten by the Walkers but regardless of how someone dies, they will turn into a Walker.

The truth behind the state of America and the world is-we are all infected with sin.

Romans 3:23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

We have a hard time believing this. We want to believe-“I am Ok and you are OK”.

We are shocked when people hurt others, or steal or even kill because we do not want to accept our own sin and therefore we do not want to accept the truth that it permeates all of us and there is no good in any of us.

Romans 3:12 ‘There is none righteous, no, not one; there is none who understands; there is none who seeks after God. They have all gone out of the way; they have together become unprofitable; there is none who does good, no, not one’. ‘Their throat is an open tomb; with their tongues they have practiced deceit’; ‘the poison of asps is under their lips’, ‘whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness’. ‘Their feet are swift to shed blood; destruction and misery are in their ways; and the way of peace they have not known’. ‘There is no fear of God before their eyes’.

2. Mankind Cannot Save Mankind

When Christ walked the earth and the beginning of the Spiritual Revolution that is Christianity began, there were some strides made in a more free and less oppressive world for Mankind. This fight for liberty is traced back to the Judaic roots of Christianity. The Jewish faith and its laws were the beginning of a society based on fairness and justice and freedom. The idea that our liberty is God given or innate to us as human beings is rooted in these teachings.

The progress towards freedom since then has always been slow-three steps forward and two steps back. This is because of point #1. When people lead other people, there is an opportunity for abuse of power and the oppression of those followed.

The idea that power corrupts is shown throughout history and the bloody wars and cruel genocides that mark the centuries of our existence.

The Walking Dead illustrates this truth as well. The more rules and hierarchy of leadership is instituted in the tale, and the more power a leader is given, the more cruelty and oppression follows. It is not the mindless Zombies that are the biggest threat to the remaining humans of the Apocalypse, but mankind itself.

3. There Is No Heaven On Earth

It has been said that,” Earth is the closest a believer in Christ will get to hell and the closest the unbeliever will get to heaven”.

There is so much beauty and good in the world that we forget the truth that it is a fallen world, corrupted by the infection of sin, caused by the first sin of Adam and Eve. The earth was designed to be Paradise but because God did not want puppet followers, He gave mankind the free will to choose obedience or not.

When the sin of rebellion was committed, it infected every person of every generation throughout history. No amount of laws and regulations can ultimately change this truth and give us a trouble- free world.

Jesus’ words when He prayed for His followers were:

I’m not asking you to take them out of the world, but to keep them safe from the evil one. 16 They do not belong to this world any more than I do. John 17:15,16

It is best to remember that this is not heaven on earth, and for believers ,it is not our home- we are just passing through-as the old hymn reminds us.

4. We Need A Saviour

Redemption from sin came for mankind in the person of Jesus Christ. He was God made man, born of a virgin, the Meshach or Messiah, foretold in the prophesies of Judaism. His sacrificial death does not eliminate the sin of mankind but covers it to allow salvation from eternal death for His believers.

The infiltration of Christianity and its tenets and the giving to the earth of the Holy Spirit to those who believe, have made a dent in the evil and corruption of this world. Believer’s in Christ have fought for the end of slavery, fed the poor, preached hope to the incarcerated and it was believers in the Judeo- Christian laws that penned the most liberating documents in history including the Constitution of the United States. These efforts have helped to make the world better but there continues to be:

8 Nation will go to war against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in many parts of the world, as well as famines. But this is only the first of the birth pains, with more to come. Matthew 13:8

As much as we strive the make the world a better place, (and we should) We cannot cure the disease of sin any more than Rick Grimes can cure the disease of the Walkers.

The end will come despite our best efforts and the Hope for believers is:

26 Then everyone will see the Son of Man[h] coming on the clouds with great power and glory.[i] 27 And he will send out his angels to gather his chosen ones from all over the world[j]—from the farthest ends of the earth and heaven. Matthew 13:26,27

The only question is-who will take the cure?



Season 5 has been an interesting journey into the world of The Walking Dead on TV.  For the first time our rag-tag group of survivors have found a bit of utopia in the dystopic world they live in.  They have found Alexandria- a beautiful community of elegant homes in manicured landscaping with electricity and hot water and food, safely tucked behind an ominous wall.

But as the strange “man of God” Gabriel says in last week’s episode “Satan disguises himself as an angel of light”.  There is an evil lurking in this shiny world.  The most dangerous form of evil is to deny its existence.   The people of Alexandria are under the mistaken impression that the only evil is the walkers outside the protective walls of their community.

They don’t believe that there could be any evil among the survivors so they do not allow anyone to be armed within the walls of the community.  They have rules and those that will not abide by the rules are exiled into the world of walkers outside the walls.

“The rules” do not allow for self-sacrifice or heroics to save and protect one another but there is a survival of the fittest creed that they appear to hold to.  Relationships among the Alexandrites seem to be shallow and forced and for the most part they isolate into their shiny granite-countered, stainless steel homes.

But they forget “the evil that men do.” I wrote in a previous blog how the anarchic world of The Walking Dead appeals to the mostly millennial and Gen-X audience who want a world without a controlling government.

As the series shows over and over the real evil is the evil perpetrated by the human beings not the living dead.  Anarchy cannot protect mankind from itself.  The selfish nature of the people of Alexandria is shown in the refusal to protect Francine from the Walkers on the constructions site and Nicholas’ every man for himself attitude on supply runs.  We are also privy to some physical abuse that is going on in Jessy and Dr. Pete’s home.  The greatest evil is, that Deanna the leader of Alexandria refuses to take action against Dr. Pete because his surgical skills are needed by the community.

Could it be that another more horrible evil is being perpetrated outside the walls by humans as well?  The naked woman tied to a tree to be fed on by walkers had to be the doings of the living not the walking dead.

It must be remembered that the Good Book says “No one is righteous—     not even one. 11 No one is truly wise;     no one is seeking God. 12 All have turned away;     all have become useless. No one does good,     not a single one.” 13 “Their talk is foul, like the stench from an open grave.     Their tongues are filled with lies.” “Snake venom drips from their lips.” 14     “Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness.” 15 “They rush to commit murder. 16     Destruction and misery always follow them. 17 They don’t know where to find peace.” 18     “They have no fear of God at all.” Romans 3:10-18

This is true of mankind in the real world as much as the fictional world of “The Dead” even if Gabriel tears the pages out of the Bible.


At the beginning of the 4th Season of Walking Dead, I was appalled by the gratuitous violence and wrote a scathing blog called “Is Violence the New Porn?” about it, as well as other shows on the new Fall season of TV.

I may not have been the only one objecting because when I checked in on the shows later in the season the violence was definitely toned down. My self-imposed protest of these shows (by refusing to watch them) sort of fell be the wayside.

I found that the barrage of blood and guts were replaced by some actual story and character development that sucked me back in like an addict. In the case of The Walking Dead, I was not alone in my addiction.

Nielsen estimates that the regular-timeslot telecast of the zombie skein averaged 15.7 million total viewers — a 17% week-to-week gain (from 13.47 million) and 26% bigger than its year-ago season finale (12.42 million). Among all episodes to date, Sunday’s finale ranks third, behind only the season 4 premiere last fall (16.11 million) and the show’s mid-season return on Feb. 9 (15.76 million).

In adults 18-49, “The Walking Dead” averaged a 8.0 rating (10.2 million viewers in the age group), up 20% week-to-week and about 25% vs. last year. It more than tripled the top rating for any broadcast entertainment series on Sunday (ABC’s “Resurrection” did a 2.3 rating).

What is the fascination with the Zombie Apocalypse world of The Walking Dead? In my last blog I wrote about Dystopic Fiction and Young Adults.  If Dystopia is the new Utopia for Young Adults, then Anarchy is Nirvana for Adults. Young Adults resonate with a world controlled by a totalitarian regime that the heroic characters revolt against to reclaim their freedom. (i.e. The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner etc.)

The world of The Walking Dead is a view of humanity without rules without order-survival of the fittest-anarchy.  I’m reminded of that ode to anarchy by Alice Cooper:

“School’s Out”

Well we got no choice

All the girls and boys

Makin all that noise

‘Cause they found new toys

Well we can’t salute ya

Can’t find a flag

If that don’t suit ya

That’s a drag

School’s out for summer

School’s out forever

School’s been blown to pieces

No more pencils

No more books

No more teacher’s dirty looks

Well we got no class

And we got no principles

And we got no innocence

We can’t even think of a word that rhymes

School’s out for summer

School’s out forever

School’s been blown to pieces

No more pencils

No more books

No more teacher’s dirty looks

Out for summer

Out till fall

We might not go back at all

School’s out forever

School’s out for summer

School’s out with fever

School’s out completely

There are no rules, no laws in The Dead.  There is a different kind of freedom in this society of anarchy.  The only guidance for behavior is in the vestiges of human kindness and love that the characters have for each other.

The Walking Dead juxtaposes the almost utopic commune of the living in their barricaded prison, with the dangerous world of flesh eating zombies roaming beyond the barbed wire enclosure.  When the prison is evacuated, the former inhabitants are left to fend for themselves against the world of the undead, the wilds of nature and the packs of brutal criminal humans.

They have only their wits, their weapons and their will to keep fighting.  They search for “Terminus” at the end of the railroad tracks.  Could this be the utopia they are looking for?

Terminus appears to hide a dark secret (and a lot of grilled flesh).  The message is  that when humans organize and leaders emerge, freedom is lost. Anarchy is the only road to freedom and Nirvana. Will there ever be true freedom for the characters of The Walking Dead-or humankind in the world as we know it-for that matter?

Tune in next season to find out…….

As for mankind my hope is:

24 For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away:

25 But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. I Peter 1:24-25