media confusion

It is not often that I defend the actions of the current administration. There is much talk about King Obama and how he is usurping his power and violating the Constitution with the Acts of War that have been instituted without Congressional approval in the Mid East.

But today as I read another article blasting these actions, I remembered an odd movie that recorded some of the beginnings of American dealings with terrorists in the same region. The movie was called Charlie Wilson’s War. Charlie Wilson was a U.S. congressman from Texas who had a conservative Christian friend who was a rich socialite.  She was concerned about the Soviet expansion into Afghanistan and convinced Charlie to use his position to intervene when the U.S. was hesitating to get involved.  Through appropriations by Congressional Committees, he was able to fund the local insurgents in their fight to oust the Soviets.  He also gained the support of Pakistan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. Most of the aid went to Gulbuddin Hekmatyar , a senior Taliban leader and backer of Al-Qaeda.

From President Carter to Obama and every president in between there have been covert funding of these insurgent groups with ties to Islamist extremist terrorist groups. Even President Reagan who is held in such high esteem by conservative Americans had a role through his Reagan Doctrine  . With the help of American dollars and military equipment, we have empowered these groups and created the danger that they have been and continue to be in the world.

Although the pattern of this U.S. foreign policy goes back for almost four decades, and President Obama continues this involvement of funding covert wars without congressional approval, he is maligned as though it is some new, strange phenomenon. I am not saying that he is right but I am saying he is not more at fault than any of his predecessors since 1978.

I have heard President Obama say that his is the most transparent administration that there has ever been.  This may be true, but not because of anything the administration has done on its part.  What is different in this administration is the proliferation of alternative media sources throughout the world and the power and speed of communication via the internet that have made the doings of the U.S. government throughout the world more visible than ever before.

It is the almost instantaneous reporting of world events that make it impossible to keep under wraps what previous administrations were able to keep from the American public. This awareness sheds light on these events and call into question practices that have become commonplace over the years but are nonetheless unconstitutional.

We are long overdue for a scrutiny of the American military action throughout the world and the havoc it has and continues to create without the due process that is mandated by the Constitution. It is time to say “no more”.