fairy jerry

Jerry Brown has always been a liberal. When he was governor of California in the 70s, being liberal meant smoking pot, anti- war, anti-fuzz (police), anti-government, and championing the cause of gay rights. Conservatives called him Fairy Jerry because he held these values and also went to a Buddhist Monastery in Japan.  In other words, yesterday’s democrat, would be a libertarian today. As governor he fought against the death penalty, government corruption, and fought for gay rights.

The Jerry Brown of today has just passed liberty killing laws and vetoed one liberty promoting bill.

He vetoed AB-1327 which overwhelmingly passed the House and the Senate- a law that would have prevented warrantless drone surveillance of citizens by police agencies. It would have offered some protection of personal privacy for the people of California.

He passed SB 270 a law that makes California the first state to outlaw plastic bags in grocery stores by adding a tax if you don’t bring your own bag.

He passed a three-bill package that took ground water rights away from property owners and gave the local water boards jurisdiction of water use.

He passed a law requiring verbal consent in sexual relationships on California State-funded college campuses, broadening the opportunity for prosecution of assault to an absurd degree.

As a ploy to avoid campaign contribution limitations-Brown launched his campaign ads this week with funds raised to promote California Measures 1 and 2-a water bond measure and a rainy day fund law.  Beat the system Jerry has learned to work the system.

The new liberal is really the new socialist- growing government while reducing personal freedoms. My, have times changed Jerry Brown.