Gary JohnsonIn my blog Rhett Butler-Libertarian I discuss the Liberty Movement in America and how it crosses party lines.   There has been some interesting movement between the Libertarian Party with a capital “L” and those who espouse libertarian values with a small “l” in other political parties-particularly the Republican Party. Candidates who embrace the tenets of the Libertarian Party but feel that their chances for getting elected will be better in the “D” or “R” party are led like lambs to the slaughter within the Bi-partisan wolf packs of these parties.  This was evident in the 2012 presidential election in the way that Dr. Ron Paul was bypassed in the Republican Convention despite his popularity in the primaries.

As the results are finalized for the 2014 California Primary, once again Republican shenanigans have squelched the efforts of those candidates bearing the small “l” in their philosophies and political polices. Money was infused into the campaigns of the candidates who would maintain the status quo of the Republican political machine. In one district, it was evident that a candidate was purposely moved to the district to oppose the “libertarian” Republican opponent and thousands of dollars were given to his campaign by an “establishment” republican benefactor.  Libertarian ideals are dangerous, according to Governor Chris Christie  and the powers that be are eliminating the danger.  This was evident in several of the races in California.  The small “l” libertarians were shut down by their “own” Republican party.

I had the privilege of hearing from and meeting Governor Gary Johnson at the Washington State Libertarian Party Convention in Seattle, Washington on May 30-31, 2014.  I had the great honor of Governor Johnson allowing me to join him for breakfast at the hotel coffee shop for an individual conversation with him, as well. Gov. Johnson served as Governor of New Mexico under the Republican brand but ran for president as a Libertarian and continues to affiliate with the big “L” as he considers another shot at the White House in 2016.

After recently hearing the speech of small “l” Rand Paul at UC Berkeley, it was refreshing to hear from a true capital “L” Libertarian who not only espouses libertarian values but proudly wears the brand of the Libertarian Party.  Other candidates who are “lovers of liberty” would be better served by following Governor Johnson’s example by joining the party who will embrace and support them rather than the more powerful parties who will sabotage their efforts.

I was impressed by the charisma of Governor Johnson, something I had previously not seen in the small amount of media exposure that he received during the 2012 elections.

I loved his opening story about Big Boy the rapper from Outcast who was asked if he still experiences racism.  He said, ”Yes I was approached by a woman in an airport in California who said ‘ you must be happy that your guy won’( meaning Obama) I told her “b_ _ _ _, I voted for Gary Johnson!” This apparently has become a popular bumper sticker in Florida!

Here are some of the Libertarian Party’s Values and how Governor Johnson is a proponent of them:

Smaller Government:

-As Governor, Gary Johnson vetoed more bills than all of the 49 other governors combined

-Abolish the IRS, income tax and corporate tax- implement a national consumption tax and reduce govt by 25%

-use the consumption tax to fund Medicare and Medical

-Abolish the Federal Department of Education –for every 11 cents that the FDE gave to the state of New Mexico during his service it cost the state 16 cents to follow federal compliance rules.

-reduce term limits

Strengthen the Free Market

-School Choice Vouchers to promote Free Market competition to improve education

-insurance for catastrophic health care only to stimulate free market in health care

-create a level playing field where everyone has an equal shot at growing their businesses

Increase personal freedom

-Repeal the Patriot Act

-No Department of Homeland Security

-De-felonize drug use

-observe the 2nd amendment

-uphold the constitution

-eliminate the death penalty and the possibility of any innocent being executed

-allow for work visas for immigrants who want to come here to work –consumption tax would provide resources

Non- Aggression Policy

-stop our military interventions which are creating enemies around the world. Drone strikes have no due process and take out more lives by thousands than just the intended target.

-de-militarizing the police force

It was refreshing for me to hear his unabashed support for these Pillars of the Libertarian Party and proudly wear the Libertarian Party label.  You can view the speech at 1:00 on the following link

As I said my good-byes to Governor Johnson after a pleasant conversation with him over breakfast, I told him “I look forward to supporting you for president in 2016.  America needs you.” Yes it does.