America is in a state of moral decline and government corruption akin to that of the final years of the Roman Empire.

The satirist Juvenal (AD 100) described the Roman Empire’s ploy of subduing the masses with “Bread and circuses”. Give them enough government supplied food and entertain them with circuses and the government will do what it pleases.

Another circus has come to town in the form of a certain basketball team owner named Sterling – who ironically has been banned forever from the NBA by a man named Silver. The brouhaha is over racist remarks Mr. Sterling made which according to the pillar of morality-the NBA- is unacceptable.

This circus is all over the news morning, noon and night to distract America. While we are busy watching this comedy of errors about a former mistress and her audio recording, which she is using to avoid prosecution in a civil lawsuit brought about by Sterling’s wife blah, blah, blah, we are not informed about more relevant doings of the American Empire and its oligarchical rule.

Another military intervention is in place between NATO and Russia over the unsettled nation of Ukraine. NATO troops are amassing in the four Baltic States surrounding Ukraine while we watch the circus.

Meanwhile atrocities and destruction continue in Syria with no NATO presence.

Very little of this is found in the mainstream media which is obsessed with the “Sterling Circus” and it is only in foreign press and alternative news sources on the internet that we are informed of these events.

Instead of boycotting teams owned by racists maybe it is time to boycott the media and get them to cover the news and not the clowns.