Jeff BridgesAt about 10 am Saturday morning, we walked into Hall H after waiting in line 71/2 hours (most of them spent sleeping on concrete at the San Diego Marina). As we ran the gauntlet of CC Staff they applauded us for making it into the Hall-(Really). We split up in confusion trying to find the best possible seats in the dark hall.  Text messaging ensued as we tried to determine the best place to sit.  I ended up in a row surrounded by young 20 something guys.  My friend and her daughter were in the row behind me and her husband was about 3 rows ahead of us.  The girl from Ohio was nowhere to be found.  The seats were pretty crowded because nearly everyone had some kind of camping gear with them.

Once our seats were secured we tackled one more long line-the ladies room. To manage the crowd there were lines painted on the concrete that we had to wind around. It reminded me of a cake walk at a carnival. Crowd control was managed everywhere!!!

It was surprising to me that with the huge number of people maneuvering all over the San Diego Convention Center, I never saw any kind of confrontation.  Everyone I encountered was polite and patient and I never heard complaints or frustration. So much for my preconceived ideas of the crazies of Comic Con.

I made it back to my seat and waited for the first panel. The lights went down as the MC introduced Warner Brothers.  Then they blew our minds as curtains were pulled back and two more screens appeared on the sides of the main screen so that the picture now wrapped around the room!ben barnes

The first movie that was presented was Seventh Son starring Jeff Bridges and Ben Barnes(Prince Caspian).  The movie is a cool mythological epic story and Jeff Bridges plays Zeus.  So cool to see Jeff and Ben in person.  I did my usual tweeting the pics and hashtagging the names of the actors and the movies.  Ben Barnes Brazil Website tweeted me and asked me if they could use my pic and give me credit.  I looked it up a few days ago and it was pretty cool!

The next surprise was the cast of Godzilla.  Kerry Russell walked out another favorite of mine.  Then a bigger surprise as Bryan Cranston came and pulled off a rubber Walter White mask(his character in Breaking Bad).  The crowd went wild.  I didn’t know this until later, but apparently he was walking around the Expo in the Walter White Mask and no one knew it was him.  Everyone loved the mask and took his picture, but he didn’t reveal his identity until the panel in Hall H. We saw some clips of Godzilla and heard from the panel.Bryan Cranston SDCC

As I mentioned in my last blog, we really had no idea what movies would be previewed.  The only movie I knew I would see was Catching Fire and probably Thor the Dark World but all of the other movies I saw were a surprise. It was like Christmas morning each time a panel was introduced.

I didn’t want to leave my seat but nature called and I had to wade through the line again to the restroom.  I could hear that another movie was previewing and I tried to get back out to the Hall as fast as I could. I couldn’t really tell what the film was-something in outer space.  Then the lights came on and the panel came out and I realized it was the new George Clooney film Gravity.  George wasn’t there, but the other star Sandra Bullock was.  She is another fav of mine-(mind blown again!)

For most of the actors, this was their first experience of Comic Con. They were amazed by it, especially the response of the avid fans to seeing them and viewing clips of their upcoming movies.  Sandra Bullock said she tried to dress appropriately and was wearing a bright red knit dress that could easily be a super hero’s costume.Sandra Bullock

The Director of Gravity is Alfonso Cuarón.  His other films include Children of Men, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of  Azkaban, and Pan’s Labrynth. His films are amazing.  He talked about the challenges of filming Gravity by creating the illusion of the anti-gravity of space. They created an acrylic chamber that the actors were suspended in by wires. The camera moved around the chamber to film them from different angles.  There were questions from the audience about the film Children of Men, which had a rough documentary style filming.  Due to some accidents in the process there was actually real blood splatted on the camera.  No wonder it looked so authentic.

More in my next blog…