SDCC interview 2After very long day I made it back to my friend’s apartment in Point Loma.  After all the excitement and some unhealthy eating I wasn’t feeling very well and made it an early night to bed.  I knew that if I had any chance of getting into Hall H on Saturday for The Catching Fire Panel, I would need to get back to the Convention Center very early in the morning.

The parking space that I had been using had “No Parking” signs between 3-4:30 am.  I figured I would park around 4:30 to get the shuttle.  I set my alarm on my phone for 3 am and fell asleep to the sound of seagulls, sea lions and fireworks.  I woke up at 1 with a sense of urgency to “Go”.  I know when God is telling me to do something and this was one of those times.  Strangely enough I felt rested after only 3 hours of sleep.  I dressed quickly in the warmest clothes I had brought with me, which were my black sweats and a long sleeved t-shirt.  I grabbed a couple of bottles of water and crept out of the apartment so I wouldn’t wake up my friends.

I knew I would be stuck in Hall H for the whole day in order to see all the panels. The convention food didn’t do well with me the day before so I made a stop at a 24 hour McDonalds.  I got a couple of breakfast burritos and a Southwest Chicken Salad to have later for my lunch.  I was learning Comic Con Survival skills!

I brought my large tote bag with the batman cape that was my registration package and the other tote bag that I had received as the Lionsgate swag.  I anticipated sleeping on the ground as I waited in line- they might be some protection from the wet grass.  I found some parking a few blocks from the hotel shuttle pick up without any restrictions .  It was now about 2 in the morning.  I put my backpack on (an old purple REI back pack that my daughter used as a book pack in 5th grade) and put the Lionsgate tote inside the Comic Con tote and strapped it on my back over the back pack.  I headed down the street my batman cape flapping in the breeze behind me.

It was a little creepy walking along down the street at that hour. I saw a car slowly pull into a side street and stop as though it was waiting for me.  As I passed I saw that it was a patrol car.  God had San Diego’s finest keeping guard over me.  The officer didn’t even question me-I guess the batman cape and my large Comic Con badge gave away my purpose for being there.

I didn’t have to wait too long for the shuttle and by 2:30 a.m. I was at the Convention Center.  I befriended a college girl on the bus who was also planning to camp at Hall H.  She was from Ohio and this was her first visit to big bad Cali.  We had to walk to the other end of the Convention Center because our shuttle left us off at Hall A.  There were people camped out on the sidewalk in front of the CC who were waiting for ballroom 20-a panel for Once upon a Time was scheduled on Saturday.Comic Con camping

By the time we made it to Hall H the awning-covered lawn area was filled with campers so we were directed to the line that began across the street and wound along the Marina behind the CC. I realized I would be sleeping on concrete.  We found the end of the line as we passed fellow campers in their sleeping bags, blow up mattresses and tents.  I was not very well prepared.  We took our spot near the ramp to the Ferry to Coronado Island and set up camp.  I put my tote bags down on the concrete and leaned against the railing.  I chatted with my friend.  She was waiting in line to see the Marvel panel with the hopes of seeing her favorite Tom Hiddleston.  I happened to look up in time to see one of my friends walking passed us.  I started calling out her name.  She was shocked to hear her name and even more shocked when she saw me.  It was another blessing coming my way.  We have known each other for over 25 years through our Mary Kay business.  I had no idea she was a Comic Con fan.  She had been attending Comic Con for 14 years!  Her husband had to wait until the parking garage opened at 5 so she joined us in line.

My stomach was beginning to hurt again so I laid down on my tote bag and was given a pillow and a blanket by my newly arrived friend who happily chatted with the girl from Ohio while I got a little rest. My friend’s husband found us a little after 5 and before too long the line was moving as we inched closer to Hall H while the sun rose over the San Diego Harbor.

My Mary Kay friend’s daughter joined us in line just as we reached the awning covered lawn.  We were about halfway through the line when I saw some commotion to my left and I heard my Mary Kay friend say “She is!  She is!”  There was a camera crew looking for Hunger Games fans and my friend let them know about interview

Coincidentally I had just refreshed my makeup from the long night. As  I walked toward the camera I said ,”Yes I am a fan and I wrote a book about the Hunger games too.”  So they interviewed me and asked me how important is was for me to be there for the Catching Fire Panel.  I said “Important enough to give up my sleep.” They also asked me who were my favorite characters and asked me about my book.  It was awesome!! My friend told me, ” This is the reason you are here!”

My friend’s daughter took pictures of me being interviewed so I later figured out that it was the TV Guide Network.
The other publicity I got while I was there was thanks to Twitter.  I had just recently opened a Twitter account .  I quickly got hooked on Twitter and saw that it was a great venue for me to promote my books , my business and my new political interests.  I became a Twitter photo journalist while I was at Comic Con and got some retweets as well as posts on websites and added followers.

God has increased my sphere of influence so I can influence for Him.

By 10 am we made it into Hall H and were far enough in the line to sit in the second section of seats behind the VIP reserved seats.  I was not prepared for the excitement that was to follow.

More in my next blog….