DespicablimpThe Second Day of Comic Con, I felt like I was finally hitting my stride.  I had learned a lot and now knew most of the ropes of this adventure.  It was Metallica day for me because there was a Metallica Panel that evening.  I wore my SF Giants Metallica shirt and my jean shorts.  I finally looked like I belonged at Comic metallica

I attempted to attend a Seminar on Writing for TV.  The Seminar was full so I wandered around and did find the section of the Convention Center where the fan tables were.  It was kind of a hidden section on the Mezzanine level.  I was on the wait list for a fan table so was glad I stumbled upon the area so I could see what I had signed up for.  Maybe one year in the future, I could be there manning a table promoting my books and my fan pages.

I ended up back at Ballroom 20 with hopes of getting in to see the panel for the TV show Bones.  The line seemed manageable so I waited and waited.  I missed the Bones panel but knew that The Following was coming up-Kevin Bacon’s TV show.  This was my opportunity to really be “six degrees of separation ” from Kevin.

I finally got in the Ballroom just in time for the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I didn’t know what it was. I was super excited to find out it was a brand new TV show based on the Avengers.The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are the government agency that tries to manage super heroes in the world.  The director of the show came out with a T-shirt reading “Coulson Lives”.  Avengers fans know that Agent Coulson was killed in the movie.  We were immediately privy to insider info!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.The next surprise was when Coulson himself, aka actor Clark Gregg came onto the stage for the panel.  Then the crowd went wild when we heard that we were going to be the first to see the premiere episode in full.  It was a thrilling episode with great actors and an interesting plot.  The audience loved it!  We were able to meet the rest of the actors and had a question and answer panel for the audience.

Most of the crowd left the ballroom after the Agents of S.H.I.E.LD. I took the opportunity to move closer to the stage for Kevin Bacon.  We saw the opening scenes of the new season’s first show and of course saw the cast including the man himself-Kevin Bacon.  I was so excited to be close to the stage-another star-struck moment for me!!Kevin Bacon

After The Following, I knew it was time to get to Hall H if there was any chance of seeing Metallica.  I was hungry but figured I could get food once I got into Hall H.  The line wasn’t too bad but it was hard to know if we would get in at all because we would only get in based on how many people left to make room for us.

I made a friend in line.  He was not as hopeful as I was that we would get in.  I told him that I seem to end up in some pretty cool panels, sometimes on accident.  I told him about my books and said,  “Good things happen, when you write about the Bible”.  My friend had a portable battery pack that I could use to charge my phone-another blessing.  As we entered the hall it was apparent that we did make it in time for a cool panel “The Amazing Spiderman 2”  My new friend saved my seat while I found the ladies room then I saved his and watched all his gear.  When he returned he brought a pizza and cookie for us to share and a diet coke for me-(all girls drink diet Coke) Good guess my friend.

Spidey himself entered the Hall in his costume along with the actor that is playing his nemesis Electro-Jamie Fox. Spidey made some jokes about the actor who plays Peter Parker.  He said he thought it was played by Eduardo Saverin (the character Andrew Garfield played in the Social Network). I was excited to be among the first to see the premiere clip of the movie and then Spidey left and the actor Andrew Garfield came to the panel.  Jamie Fox makes a great Electro and the movie looks really cool.Jamie FoxAndrew Garfield

The crowd thinned a little after The Amazing Spiderman 2 so we were able to move closer to the stage for Metallica.  The Metallica movie was in 3D and the clip and of course the music was amazing.  What a great partnering-a futuristic story of rebellion  and Neverland.  The movie looked as though it was filmed in downtown Oakland California and it reminded me of an Occupy Movement protest I had seen there a few years ago.SDCC Metallica

It was definitely worth the long wait. As we left the Hall I was caught in the slow moving mob back to my bus at the other end of the convention center.  There was already a line starting for those that would camp overnight to insure entrance into Hall H for the Saturday Panels.  The Saturday Panels included the Hunger Games.  This was my main reason for being at Comic Con so I realized I might need to do some camping myself.

I finally made it to my bus and tried to get a little R and R before my next adventure.

More in my next blog….