comic con

My first experience of SD Comic Con was Preview Night.  I had a lot of misconceptions about what Comic Con was.  This was because my information was based on what I had seen through the eyes of MTV.  I had the idea that everyone was in costume and that the people that attended were a wild liberal, partying, sexually promiscuous and hedonistic group of people.  I saw it as a mission field to be conquered with my Christian values.

(Apparently I was not the only person with this perception because there was a group of protestors outside the convention center with large yellow signs that read “God Hates Sin” and other condemning slogans.)

But as I waited for the shuttle to take me to the convention center, the first attendees I met were a nice Christian couple from the LA area.  I shared about my “Twilight Book” and they were interested and took my business card.  When the bus arrived there were a few costumed participants but everyone else seemed pretty “normal”.

When I got to the Convention Center I headed to registration to get my badge and was given my goody bag complete with the attached batman cape and 200 page events guide. I was official now.  The events guide was a little daunting to say the least and being a first timer I really didn’t know where to begin.  I headed to Ballroom 20 which was where all the TV show panels were held. This was where I had my first lesson of Comic Con 101-There Will be lines-very long lines.  I naively walked up to the door of Ballroom 20 to enter and was politely told by the CC Staff Person that I needed to get in line because the Ballroom was currently filled to capacity.  She pointed to a line of people out the door that wound through ropes under a tented awning that was about a 1/2 mile long.  The line did not appeal to me and the TV shows that were being featured were not that important to me so I moved on.

Comic Con 101 Lesson 2-always have a plan B.  Just outside Ballroom 20 inside the Convention Center was a much smaller line. There was a CC Staff Person holding a piece of cardboard with a handwritten sign reading “Lionsgate”.  Lionsgate is the company that produces The Hunger Games movies so I figured that was the line for me.  After waiting in line about 30 minutes I figured out we were waiting in line for Lionsgate Swag.  In this case it was a T-shirt for the new movie Divergent based on another Young Adult fiction similar to The Hunger Games. 

There was a young man behind me in line who was convinced we would not get our vouchers before the expo downstairs closed which was where we were to get our Swag at the Lionsgate booth.  He left the line but I just felt I should wait it out.  I did get my voucher in time and headed for the Expo.

The Expo is of course the main Hall of the Convention with over 4000 vendor booths.  It is a feast for the eyes of any Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Geek with incredible displays for the various comics, books, TV shows ,Movies and games.  There was an actual penitentiary complete with barbed-wire fence for the TV Show Walking Dead. I was pretty overwhelmed as I entered to search for the Lionsgate booth which was in about the center of the Hall.  I kept walking and walking and finally found it only to have to wait in line again to redeem my voucher.  They asked me which T-Shirt I wanted and there was a design that kind of looked like a cross so I picked that and then I waited while they steam-pressed the design to my shirt. It said Candor which I found out is the name of one of the 7 virtues in the story of Divergent.  Candor is truth or honesty-the members of Candor can’t lie.  It suited me-honest to a fault.  I also got a huge tote bag advertising Divergent.  I took pics of the Lionsgate booth.  It had some cool graphics for The Hunger Games.

Just before the expo closed I got to fangirl the stars of Star Trek Next Generation and get their pics.  I asked Brent Spiner (Data was his character) for a pic with him but he declined.  Guess I was supposed to pay for his $40 autograph to get a pic with him.  As the Expo closed I boarded my shuttle headed back to my friend’s apartment in Point Loma. I fell asleep to the sounds of sea gulls, sea lions, fireworks from Sea World and a fog horn.

More in my next blog….