sdcc ticket

Surrendering your life to Christ is viewed in such a negative light by most people who haven’t.  It is viewed as a burden or sacrifice by some that have.  But my life has been a great adventure as I have listened to the voice of my Shepard and He has led me.

My latest adventure was to San Diego Comic Con.  I became interested in Comic Con when I got hooked on the Twilight Saga books two years ago.  Twilight fans flocked to Comic Con and camped out overnight to be the first to see  clips of the latest installments of the Twilight Saga films premiering in Hall H.

My fascination grew to an obsession that led me to write my book Confessions of a Christian Twihard-My Life Lessons and the Twilight Saga. Each year I would watch the events at Comic Con ( sometimes in Live Streams on the internet by MTV) wondering if I would ever experience it.  I tried to get a fan table at SD Comic Con 2012 to promote and sell my book but the waiting list is about three years.

Last year I became interested in The Hunger Games Trilogy and its movies.  This interest led to my latest book (soon to be published) Blessed Are They That Hunger-A Christian Responds to the Hunger Games.  As I was in the process of writing my book, I met a friend from church who worked for Comic Con.  I knew that God might be opening the door for me.

At the beginning of the year, I heard that Catching Fire, the movie based on the second book of The Hunger Games Trilogy was going to be featured in a panel at  SD Comic Con. By this time I was a rabid Hunger Games fan.  I had completed my book and had a Hunger Games fan page on Facebook with over 300 fans worldwide (  I followed the Hunger Games actors and saw there movies. I waited in the cold for three hours outside the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles for a chance to see Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, and Jennifer Lawrence, the actors from the Hunger Games, as they attended the People’s Choice Awards.

I should mention that my passion for my books is based in my love for Christ and a burden for those who don’t know Him.  The driving force in my writing is to spread the good news of Jesus.  It is a God given passion and He guides and leads me in my writing and to those who I can share about Him.

This Spring, my friend from church sent out a facebook message that she was selling comp badges for SD Comic Con. My hope grew that I would get to go.  I responded to the message and was told to wait for confirmation of the tickets.  The months went by and there was no word.  Finally at the end of June with just 3 weeks to spare I got the message that the ticket was in and it was a 4 day pass plus the preview night!

There were a couple of obstacles but faith sometimes means getting your feet wet before the waters part, so with three weeks to spare I needed a place to stay and transportation to the convention.  With 138k people about to converge on San Diego for Comic Con needless to say finding a hotel would be a challenge.

San Diego is my second hometown because I went to college there and lived there three more years after I graduated.  I also have friends that have moved to San Diego from other parts of the state and country.  I wasn’t sure who would let me crash at their place, so I sent out some messages. One of my best friend’s daughter responded that I could stay with her.  It just happened that I had reconnected with her after her grandmother’s funeral a few weeks before, so we were keeping in touch on Facebook.

She had recently moved to Point Loma which made it an easy commute for me to the Convention Center.  As I researched the SDCC website I later found I could ride shuttles from hotels on Shelter Island for free to the convention center.  Shelter Island was only about a mile from her home.  The provision of God was just beginning.

I trusted God about my transportation next.  I hoped to ride share with my friend that got me the ticket, but that didn’t work out.  The upside of that was that I would be able to spend time with some of my friends that live in the LA area on the trip and I could travel on my timeline.  God has blessed me with a wonderful car that I earned from my career with Mary Kay and my car is great on the gas.  Although I was stuck in traffic from LA to San Diego I got over 33 miles to the gallon.

After almost 11 hours on the road I made it to my friend’s house with enough time to spare to unload my car, freshen up a little, and head to Shelter Island to catch my shuttle for Preview night.

More in my next blog…..